Friday, January 16, 2004

Prayer in Action

Fr. Glenn Sudano, C.F.R. in a wonderful call to help, urges us to put our prayer in to action on behalf of Fr. Groeschel. This is a terrific message for this time and all times:

"So, tomorrow we are calling for all the friends of Fr. Benedict throughout the States and the world to offer him a helping hand. We are all in this together and our job is to support him. Friends don't walk away from us - they walk with us. So, our "helping hand" has five "fingers".

1. If you are a Catholic, attend Mass and receive the holy sacrament. If you cannot attend Mass, spend time reading the Holy Bible.

2. Pray a rosary, with others if possible, or at least a chaplet of the Divine Mercy.

3. Make a good confession. If you cannot go immediately, resolve to go as soon as you can.

4. Be reconciled with your spouse, neighbor, or co worker. If, "Forgive me" and/or "I was wrong" need not be said, try "I love you."

5. Reach out to someone in need, especially a poor, needy, or homeless person.

I know Fr. Benedict would be pleased with this request. The weight of his cross will be lessened as thousands reach out and bear it a bit off his shoulders. When I told Fr. Benedict I would making this request of you, he eyes remain closed and his body still, yet I know - I KNOW - nothing would bring peace and joy to his heart knowing you would do this. So, offer him a hand - for his good and God's glory."

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