Monday, May 24, 2004
The new bishop for my diocese is installed  

The new bishop, Msg. Francis Xavier DiLorenzo, for the Diocese of Richmond, which is my diocese, was installed at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart. He is the twelfth bishop of the diocese. It is indeed with a great sense of hope that we welcome him.

Bishop's Coat of Arms: The coat of arms of Bishop DiLorenzo carries the theme of Christian hope. It bears the symbol of the “resurrection cross”, a plain cross on which is hung the burial shroud from Christ’s empty tomb. The rest of the coat of arms bears the insignia of a prelate with the rank of bishop (pontifical hat and six tassels). Bishop DiLorenzo has selected the motto “Christ our Hope”, signifying that Jesus Christ is the hope of all people.

In his homily, as reported from the Richmond Times Dispatch he said:

"I'm asking you to join me in this great adventure," the Most Rev. Francis Xavier DiLorenzo said yesterday in his first homily as the 12th bishop of the Diocese of Richmond.

"Parish life is like a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs," he told the overflow crowd at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart.

"As bishop, I'm expected to emulate Jesus, who is a servant leader. . . . I have a service to each one of you - to teach and preach the gospel of Jesus. . . . I'm expected to respond to your spiritual needs," DiLorenzo said.

May God grant him wisdom, courage, and charity as the new shepherd of this diocese.

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