Tuesday, June 14, 2005
Additions to Priests for Life Staff  

Fr. Pavone announces that his staff is growing. First, he is joined by Fr. Mark Clarke, CMF from California. Then he writes:
We have also just received word that another diocesan priest has been released to work with us -- but I have to let him tell his parish before I announce it to you. And a third diocesan priest has also heard that he will likely be released to work with us full-time, and I'll tell you about him when he gets his official letter.
I think that the first priest he mentioned was later announced here to be Fr. Giacomo Capoverdi from Rhode Island. If not then, there are two more priests expected to join Priests for Life.

Thank God for Priests for Life. It certainly is an inspiration to us all to be more active in our pro-life efforts. As is obvious from these new staff members, the Lord is calling priests to help lead the pro-life work. The growth of this ministry and the new society of priests for life certainly seem to be an indication of where the Holy Spirit is at work today.

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