Wednesday, July 13, 2005
Memorial of St. Teresa of the Andes  

I was completely unaware of this Carmelite saint named St. Teresa of the Andes until I saw a program on her life on EWTN last Saturday. I became quite captivated by this "little" saint who was born on July 13, 1900 in Santiago, Chile. Like the Little Flower, she lived a short life. In fact, she was only a Carmelite for eleven months before she died on April 12, 1920 due to a violent attack of typhus. Like all saints, she was not born a saint, but she cooperated with the grace she was given to become the person God wanted her to be.

She experienced extraordinary graces including this first revelation which she records in her diary:
One day I was alone in my room. Because of my illness they spoiled me so that I could not remain alone. That day Lucita [Lucia, her older sister] was sick and Elisea-a servant who took care of my dear grandfather, went to be with her. I then became envious and troubled and began to cry. My tearful eyes began to fix themselves on a picture of the Sacred Heart and I heard a very sweet voice telling me: 'What! I, Juanita, am alone on the altar for your love, and you cannot even suffer for a moment?' From that time, the dear Jesus spoke to me, and I spent entire hours conversing with Him. That is the reason I enjoyed being alone. He went on teaching me how I should suffer and not complain, and about intimate union with Him. Then He told me that He wanted me for Himself, that He would like me to become a Carmelite. Ah! Mother, you cannot imagine what Jesus was doing in my soul. At that time I did not live in myself, it was Jesus who was living in me" (Diary, 7).
I read this quote and thought that this is what it means to be a saint--one is in constant conversation with Christ. As you speak to Him, you listen to Him more and more. And you let Him transform You. But see how gentle He can be. He wants to change me by conversing with me. I pray. He listens. He speaks. I listen and obey. As I draw closer to Him, the conversation becomes more intimate. He shares His Heart with me, and my heart becomes like His. He begins to live in me. As I accept Him, I accept the suffering He permits. What could be more in union with Christ than to share in some part of His suffering? He gives me that opportunity every day through our conversation. Am I listening?

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