Friday, April 28, 2006
Andrea Clark's Fight Continues  

The situation for Andrea Clark in Texas continues to worsen. The hospital in Houston where the fully conscience and privately insured patient is now receiving care, is prepared to stop her respirator and dialysis treatment on Sunday, April 30th. As the family continues to look for another facility in Texas which will take Ms. Clark and provide her with the care that she needs, the hospital that is ready to terminate her life has offered a deal to the family. According to a post dated April 27, 2006 on Blogs for Terri,
St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital has just notified the family that they are willing to pay the almost $17,000 to move Andrea to Illinois if they will immediately - that's TODAY, move Andrea out of St. Lukes to the Illinois facility. If the family waits until tomorow to decide, St. Lukes will only pay half. And if the family can't make a decision by tomorow, the hospital may consider to pay absolutely nothing. In other words, the hospital is attempting to force Andrea out of the hospital in order to stop the financial drain of the cost of her care.
The family is urging people to contact the hospital to let the hospital know that what is being done to Ms. Clark is unacceptable. The hospital may be contacted via:

St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital
6720 Bertner Ave., Houston, TX 77030
(832) 355-1000 (Main number)

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