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See Your Dreams Come True  

We All Have Dreams

I have yet to meet someone who does not have at least one dream.  Each person carries within him or her a dream (or dreams) of doing something that makes a difference in that person's life and the lives of others.  Many people know what that dream is, but it seems that many have lost touch with that dream.  Over time, the dream has been buried under disappointment, daily life, fear, and striving for what is not the real dream.  However, it is never too late to uncover that dream and turn it into a reality.  One way to do that is to present that dream to your mind as a picture it sees until it becomes a reality.

Dreams that we have for our lives are not unlike dreams that we have in our sleep.  Many times the dreams that we have at night are simply manifestations of our minds processing what we are subconsciously thinking.  Our minds take the raw materials of what we have seen and process those things in a new way that we experience as a dream while we sleep.  The point is that our brains continue to work even when our body is sleeping in order to help us in the moment and as we move into the future.  Our mind is working to help us make sense of our lives while we are awake and while we are asleep.

Often times our dreams can be quite vivid.  Who has not had a dream that was so vivid that you thought it was real?  The picture in your mind was as real to you as what you see when you are awake.  How is that possible?  It is is possible because you actually see with your mind even when you are awake.  The images captured by your eyes are sent to your brain in order for your brain to make them into what you “see”.

How to See Your Dreams Become True

With this understanding of your subconscious mind working to understand your life and the fact that your brain is what actually helps you “see”, we can use these concepts to help our dreams become a reality.  One way to do this is to put in front of your mind images of what you would like to see manifested in your own life.  By doing that, you are presenting to your mind the material it will use to help make what it sees actually happen in your life.  The idea is to feed your mind with what you want in order to use the power of your mind to help bring that about in your life.

There are many methods of accomplishing this, and I am going to suggest one that you can use.  The method is quite straightforward.  Simply find images of your dreams and spend a brief amount of time looking at those images each day.   For instance, if one of your dreams is to share your story with others in order that they can learn from you, you should find an image of how you visualize that occurring.  Maybe you want to speak to students to share your story.  Find a picture on the Internet of someone speaking passionately to students and print it out.  Then at least twice a day, preferably in the morning soon after you have awoken and right before you go to bed, look at the picture and think about you being that person in the picture who is helping the students by telling them your story. 

As you spend time feeding this image to your mind, you help your subconscious mind to begin to make it actually happen.  The power of that idea fed as an image to your mind will be the raw material that helps your dream become a reality.  You will start to overcome barriers that you have set up such as fear of public speaking or wondering why students would listen to you.  Eventually, you will find that your life has become the image and you are actually speaking in front of students sharing your story.

Does this sound too good to be true?  It is not.  It happens all the time in your life right now.  What you spend time thinking about is what your life looks like.  If you think about cooking and recipes and watch cooking shows, you probably find yourself in the kitchen cooking and baking.  You do not consider this too good to be true.  All that happens is that what you think about is what you end up doing.  You start to take action by buying cooking equipment and ingredients.  You socialize with people interested in cooking.  You start to share your cooking with family and friends.  You try new recipes.  You start to just happen to come across things of interest to you in cooking.  The same can be true for any of your dreams.  All you are doing is making a conscience decision as to what you want to place in front of your mind in order to manifest it in your life.

Once you begin the process, you might want to expand it to several key areas in your life.  The earlier example about talking to students might fall under the category of Vocation or your calling.  (I prefer the term Vocation rather than Work Life, as your calling should include your work life and other areas to which you felt called to spend your time.)  I would suggest finding images that represent the dreams you have for the following areas in your life:
  • Relationships
  • Money
  • Health
  • Vocation
  • Lifestyle/Travel
  • Social
  • Generosity
  • Spiritual
  • Personal Development
You can organize these images in one place such as a poster board.  (These are often termed a vision board.)  By placing the images on the board, you have a handy device that you can view at least twice a day spending no more than a few minutes viewing the images.  There are certainly other ways to organize the images, and what you choose should make it easy for you to insure that you do it twice every day and that the images stay in good shape.

How to Add Jet Fuel to the Process

In order to make the process a huge success, you need to add an important ingredient.  That key ingredient is emotion.  As you look at the images you want to manifest in your life, you should think about how it feels to already have that in your life.  For instance, as you look at the picture of the person speaking to the students, feel what you imagine you would feel as you spoke to those students.  You would be excited, passionate, compassionate, and loving.  You want what is best for those students, and you are giving of yourself to them.  You might also feel proud of yourself for achieving this goal.

Adding positive emotions is like adding jet fuel to the process.   What you think about with emotion carries greater weight in your mind.  Think about that from your past.   Memories often have emotions surrounding them that make them much more poignant.  And, the emotions are what might make the memory one that is stronger than another memory.  In addition, often when you are experiencing a certain emotion you remember particular memories.  When you are happy, you will think about happy memories, and when you are sad, you might think of sad memories.  By associating positive emotions with you want to manifest in your life, you are telling your mind that having this come about will make you happy.


Your dreams are an important part of who you are, and it is imperative that you pursue your dreams until they become a reality in your life.  By spending time each day thinking and feeling about images which represent your dreams, you are feeding your mind what it needs in order to help manifest those dreams in your life.  The more that you focus on your dreams, the more you will do or have happen in your life that move you to the ultimate fulfillment of your dreams.

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