Sunday, April 25, 2004
Catholic Radio  

In recent years, a number of Catholic radio stations have been started throughout the United States. Perhaps you are able to benefit from one of these stations. Maybe there is a station in your area, but you do not know about it. To find out, check the list of EWTN Global Catholic Radio Network Affiliates.

One of the major practical reasons that these stations have been able to be set up is because EWTN has provided its radio programming free of charge. This allows a station to avoid one of the major expenses of radio which is programming costs. Another reason is that the folks who have worked hard to establish radio stations are willing to help other stations get started by sharing their wisdom and experience. The major lay apostolate that helps connect radio apostolates throughout the country is the Catholic Radio Association.

Together with EWTN, the Catholic Radio Association put together a yearly Catholic Radio Conference. This is a wonderful conference which brings together people who experts in the radio field along with current Catholic radio station operators and owners and people who are somewhere in the process of getting on the air. I went last year as I discerned whether God is calling me to help put a radio station in my area. I am still discerning that call. However, it is difficult for me because many times when I am in the car and I turn on the radio, I think how wonderful it would be if there was a Catholic radio station which was on the air to reach the many souls in the listening area.

If you or someone you know has any interest in a Catholic radio apostolate, please consider going to the Catholic Radio Conference. It will be held June 10-12 in Birmingham, Alabama. The setting is wonderful because it is where all of EWTN's headquarters are located. The conference is not a typical conference, it is more like a spiritual retreat in which the emphasis is place on our answering God's call, which our Holy Father has emphasized, to be evangelists. There are opportunities for daily Mass, Eucharistic Adoration, confession, a visit to the beautiful shrine which Mother Angelica built, a tour of the EWTN studio, and an opportunity to participate in one of EWTN's live shows. There is a wonderful balance of making clear why Catholic radio should be done and how it can be done. In fact, after last year's conference, I felt very confident that I knew the steps for starting a radio station. Now it is more a matter of waiting on the Lord's timing.

For more information on conference registration, click here. For general information about Catholic Radio, visit the Catholic Radio Association web site.

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