Tuesday, April 20, 2004
Happy Birthday, Mother Angelica!  

Mother Angelica, who is the foundress of EWTN, celebrates her 81st birthday today. Mother has been a wonderful gift from God to the Church, and she has had a tremendous impact upon my own life. God used her in a very powerful way to bring me into the Catholic Church. I wish her the very best on this day.

She is a model for each of us in how to obey God's call upon on our life and how to bear the crosses which He gives us. I have learned so much from Mother Angelica over the years about the Catholic faith through her words, her inspiration, and her life. The only way I can think to thank her is to pray for her, her nuns and brothers, and EWTN and to strive to live the life of holiness to which she has constantly encouraged us all to seek through God's grace.

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