Thursday, April 01, 2004

I ask God to help us all in our journey together

Mons. Francis Xavier DiLorenzo, the newly appointed bishop of Richmond, offered these comments regarding the responsibilities of being the shepherd of the Diocese of Richmond:

I ask God to help us all in our journey together. I feel my responsibilities are threefold: Teach about Jesus and His way of life and all else the church wants taught about herself; help persons grow ever closer to Jesus as they encounter Him in both Word and Sacrament; and to govern the Diocese and coordinate our efforts. I call on all priests, deacons, women and men religious and lay ministers to help me in my role as Bishop. It’s essential that our parishes be warm and welcoming communities. We invite the inactive and alienated Catholics to come home. We invite those who do not know the Lord to come and experience Him in both Word and Sacrament within the confines of a warm and welcoming Catholic parish community.”

Bishop DiLorenzo will be installed as the twelfth Bishop of Richmond on Monday, May 24th. (Feast of Mary, Help of Christians)

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