Monday, March 22, 2004

Father Groeschel continues to recover

Thanks be to God that Father Groeschel continues to recover from his accident. By God's grace, we are able to receive his reflections on his accident and recovery only a couple of months after the actual event. Today's reflection ends with a reminder for all of us who are prone to become discouraged in "these times." After

One of the great realizations that comes when a disaster wipes you out in a few minutes is how good and faithful people can be. Not only have the friars and sisters kept going; it's my realization that they have done better than if I were around putting in my two cents!

Several groups of lay people have also come to the rescue and continue to assist in the collection of alms, in the thanking of benefactors, and in the paying of bills. Beyond that, several apostolic endeavors that I felt inspired to start kept right on going. The St. Francis House never missed a beat. Yolanda and Jerry Cleffi visited me recently and gave me a marvelous report on the growth of the Oratory of Divine Love, a prayer movement for informed lay people.

It is wonderful to know that these works go on so beautifully - because it shows that they are works of the Holy Spirit. He is still running the world.

Let us continue to pray for each other!

Father Benedict

We should never forget that God is in control. These are dark times indeed, but these are also time filled with great hope because our Lord is always working in the midst of the storms and troubles that afflict us. He has taken a terrible accident and used it to bring people to their knees, to bind people closer together, and to demonstrate His power to heal not only flesh and bones but broken hearts, relationships, and fainting wills.

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