Wednesday, February 25, 2004

What are you giving up for Lent?

Fr. Groeschel is suffering as he recovers from his serious injuries. It is no wonder, he is wondering what to give up for Lent. As Fr. Sudano writes:

Brother Daniel and Brother Peter report that Father Benedict had a good day; yet he is running a slight fever and easily gets fatigued. He is getting very good help and is more comfortable now as he has a special air mattress which helps prevent bed sores. Father Richard and Father Luke stopped by today for a brief visit. They report that Father appears well; yet they think the length of his road to recovery may be longer than everyone had expected. Father Benedict made some comments about purgatory which indicates he is suffering more than it appears. When Father Richard asked him if he wanted to receive ashes tomorrow, he replied, "I don't need ashes." They chuckled; but he wasn't smiling. On a similar but lighter note, when I called the hospital room this evening, I asked Br. Peter if Father wanted to tell me anything. Brother Peter left to relay my message, and then came back with "Fr. Benedict says he's trying to figure out what to give up for Lent"!

Perhaps you and I should not have such a hard time figuring out what we should give up for Lent. I know it did not take me long. I think that He has made it clear which fault I should try to mortify over the next 40 days.

We can take comfort that our Lord will be with us to help us through this time. Lent should not be a season without joy; it should be a season of encouragement. As Fr. Sudano writes:

So that's what we'll do as we enter into this Lenten season - push on! Let us continue to keep Fr. Benedict in prayer. Unlike us, he doesn't need to give up anything up for Lent; he's offering himself. In our own way and in our own sufferings, let us do the same.

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