Friday, February 06, 2004

Children's Prayers

Fr. Glen Sudano writes about the power of the prayers of children:

As many of you have brought this special intention to contemplative nuns, may we also suggest you bring our special intention to the most powerful pray-ers - namely, the children! Have you ever heard a kindergarten kid pray a "Hail Mary"? It melts your heart. Now, if their prayer can soften our hard hearts, imagine what it does to the Sacred Heart?

...Hermits are great, monks are fine, but if you want your message to go straight to God with no static, ask one of these little ones to pray!

This is a beautiful reminder of our Lord's urging us to be like little children in our complete and simple trust of Him. May all of our prayers be like those of a child who holds nothing back and has faith which can cast mountains into the sea.

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