Tuesday, February 03, 2004

The fruit continues to ripen

Praise the Lord for all the He is doing through His servant Fr. Groeschel! May God continue to carry him through his recovery.

Fr. Sudano writes:

Fr. Luke reports another small but significant step - Father was taken out of bed and put into a special chair. I'm not sure how long he stayed in the chair, but after some time he was put back into bed. He is very fragile and pain medication was necessary. When I was sitting comfortably in front of the woodburning stove last night, my mind went to Father's discomfort, indeed pain. How I wish I could take his place.

Br. Shawn reports that there's some rejoicing in the ICU and apparently Blessed Mother Teresa may be to blame! Evidently, last week Br. Peter prayed with a relic of Mother Teresa over a young man who was brought into the trauma unit. His parents were distraught since their son was in a deep coma after a serious car accident. The doctors didn't give the parents much hope thinking that perhaps the stem of the brain might have been severed. Well, guess who just opened his eyes and guess who is rejoicing? Be it by natural or supernatural means, the word "miracle" was used; and not only by his mom and dad, but by his attending nurse! May God be praised!

So, while the drama of our friend and father quietly continues, other wonderful things continue to take place - in your heart and mine. One of our postulants told me this evening that his sister took in a homeless woman and her child in honor of Fr. Benedict. You don't know how pleasing this is to God; how powerful a prayer this is before the throne of God. I believe it was Archbishop Fulton Sheen who once said, "there's nothing sadder than wasted pain." Well, there's no pain being wasted here, believe me.

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