Wednesday, January 28, 2004

The Holy Father's Wednesday Audience

The Pope gave his Wednesday audience on Psalm 11(10):

"The Lord," he added, "is not a remote sovereign, closed in His golden world, but rather He is a vigilant Presence that is on the side of good and justice. He sees and provides, intervening with His word and action." The godless one, "rained down upon with coals fire and brimstone, symbols of God's judgement," experiences first hand that "there is a God Who judges on the earth."

The Pope emphasized that "the last verse opens up the horizon to the light and peace destined to the just man who will contemplate his Lord, a just judge, but overall a merciful liberator: 'The upright will behold His face.' It is an experience of common joy and of serene faith in God Who frees man from evil."

As always, he has given us a message of hope when we might feel anxiety. The message is clear. Our God is a just judge who is intimately involved with our world and our lives. However, he is more than a judge. He intervenes to save us. He has stepped into history, taking flesh, and redeeming all mankind by His holy sacrifice.

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