Saturday, January 24, 2004

Father's progress

Fr. Groeschel continues to recover. Thanks be to God!

As has become expected, Fr. Sudano's report on Fr. Groeschel's progress always provides us with encouragement and a challenge to grow in our faith:

So while the doctors and assistants are working on Father's elbow, let us "work" on our knees. Please, keep praying. Keep praying.

His constant reminder to us to pray for Fr. Groeschel's recovery is an opportunity to recognize our utter and complete dependence on God. We must pray daily, even without ceasing, as St. Paul teaches, for everything. Our heavenly Father hears each of our prayers, and He answers every one of them. We can never become too cognizant of how we owe all to our God who has created us and sustains us in every moment.

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