Monday, February 02, 2004

The Fruit of his work

Fr. Groeschel's work continues even as he suffers through his recovery. All of the prayers and sacrifice are the work of the Holy Spirit as He gathers together the body of Christ. It is beautiful to see how the Lord has used this servant:

Dear Father Benedict, Our family continues to pray for your complete recovery with the suggested short, but fervent and heartfelt prayer, "Lord, have mercy on your servant, Father Benedict Groeschel!" Our faith is deepened each day as we read the eloquent and inspiring report on your progress from Father Glen. But we are most nourished by seeing daily the incredible video of you telling each of us every morning to "Pick up our cross and follow Him." What a great gift you are giving even in your silence and suffering. We are even referring friends who are experiencing great suffering who may not even know about you to log on to Father Glen's letter so they, too, may be lifted up by your video and encouraged by your words and faith. So, God continues to use your life even as you lay silent. May God bless you and grant you a complete and speedy recovery. - Carlie, Arlington, Virginia

There are many more emails like this one which have been shared by the friars. It fires my heart with faith, hope, and love to read these messages. Perhaps the Lord is trying to show us that He is at work in so many ways that we do not see because we are so focused on the problems which are easier to see.

Why does the Presentation of the Lord and Groundhog Day land on the same day of the year?

Matthew Bunson writes:

As unlikely as it might seem, there is actually a religious connection. The custom began in England with Candlemas (Feb. 2), including a traditional song:

If Candlemas be fair and bright Come, Winter, have another flight; If Candlemas bring clouds and rain, Go, Winter, and come not again.

Over time, the association with Candlemas declined in favor of an animal. In the case of England, it involved a badger or bear; once brought to America, the animal became a groundhog.

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