Saturday, February 07, 2004

The Breath of Life

As Father Groesechel has been a breath of fresh air for so many, we now have the opportunity of praying for him to breathe on his own. Fr. Sudano writes:

Brother Sharbel told me, "The next miracle everyone has to pray for is his breathing. Tell everyone Father Benedict has to breathe on his own without the respirator". He said it so matter-of-factly; it was like he was placing an order for hamburger. Well, your prayers have moved mountains thus far; why not ask for a miracle in a matter-of-fact way? Okay, Brother Sharbel, one miracle coming up!

This prayer is for kindergarten kids only (or for those who pray with the confidence of a child)

Gracious and Good Lord, You who pull the clouds across the summer sky, curl the waves white with foam, and carry tiny seeds and beautiful butterflies to faraway lands by the breath of Your lips; grant Father the wind of Your Spirit so he may breathe better and tell the world about God again. Amen.

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