Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Doing Work

As I am sure you know now, Fr. Groeschel has returned to New York to continue his recovery closer to home. It seems from Fr. Sudano's updates that this has been of great benefit for Fr. Groeschel. However, even he knows that the closer we are to home, the more work is required of us. It doesn't get easier at home, it just might be easier to to the more God expects of us:

When the friars walked into the room this morning around nine o'clock, Father Benedict greeted them, mouthing the words, "Okay, let's get to work!" They knew what that meant - slowly stretching his arms and legs. Guess who wants to get out of the hospital yesterday? It appears the whole idea of getting a smaller trach so Father can speak may be out of the picture - this just might slow down his progress in getting entirely off the ventilator. This must happen before Father moves to another facility for physical therapy.

Continue to pray for his full and complete recovery. Pray that we he will soon be off the venilator. And pray that we too may work with a purpose of Heaven in whatever God has called us to do.

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