Tuesday, February 10, 2004

A good snooze is good news

Thank God for Fr. Groeschel's resting. There always seems to be something happening to him. It is a wonder he is able to get the rest he needs. Fr. Sudano writes:

Today was somewhat uneventful in the sense that Father spent much of the day dozing. We are so thankful that he is receiving such good care. We have all heard the saying, "good help is so hard to find". Well, great help is right at Father's fingertips thanks to competent and indeed caring professionals who are keeping a close eye on his progress.
Father had his chest X-rayed today; thank God the lungs are clear. The respiratory therapist comes by a few times during the day to listen carefully for congestion. Suction of fluid from the lungs is a necessary daily ritual despite the discomfort it must cause. Not a day goes by without Father mouthing the words, "When can I go home?" Just the thought of this is painful; yet what can we do but say, "patience" or "soon".

The wounds on Father's head are "healing nicely" the doctor tells us. Also, the respirator gauges indicated that Father is breathing more on his own. However, on this stretch of the road, one takes three steps forward then two steps back. Yet, for that one step, we are grateful.

If Father is awake and engaged tomorrow, the friars will employ someone who can assist them with their lip reading skills. I'm curious to see if this will be helpful and perhaps lower Father's level of frustration in not being able to clearly communicate. Yet, although Father cannot speak, he can listen. I myself have been able to speak to him as the friar's put the phone to his ear. In fact, this evening he received a phone call from a cardinal who prayed over the phone and imparted his apostolic blessing. On behalf of your friar friends in New York, "Thank you, Your Eminence".

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