Thursday, February 26, 2004

Update on Mother Angelica

EWTN has posted an update on Mother Angelica. Please remember to continue to pray for Mother. She has done so much good. In a very real way, I owe my conversion to her. Through EWTN, God drew me into the Church. Thank God, for Mother! Lord, richly bless this faithful servant of yours.

Sister Mary Catherine, Vicar at Our Lady of the Angels Monastery reports that “Mother Angelica is doing very well. She is in very good spirits and is feeling well physically. She continues to struggle with her speech, however she is able to say some things without any trouble. She and another Sister enjoyed preparing a St. Valentine’s Day treat for the Sisters – homemade cupcakes. And Mother did the decorating! She spends her days with the Sisters or in the Chapel praying. She is as quick witted as ever and keeps us laughing with her comically facial expressions and childlike joy.”

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