Saturday, May 21, 2005
Embryonic Stem Cell Research Funding  

Once again there are efforts afoot to obtain taxpayer money to pay for embryonic stem cell research. As reported in Zenit, the bill is being opposed by the U.S. bishops:

The U.S. bishops are urging Congress to reject a bill that would federally fund stem-cell research on new embryos from fertility clinics.

If passed, the bill would invalidate the Bush administration's policy of funding only research on embryonic stem-cell lines already in existence.

[William Cardinal Keeler] argued that "researchers increasingly acknowledge that the apparent initial 'promise' of ESCs was exaggerated," and that alternative methods, such as using adult stems cells, have shown more promise in research to treat juvenile diabetes, corneal damage, Parkinson's disease, spinal cord injury, sickle-cell anemia, cardiac damage and many other conditions.
It is good to see shepherds come out to oppose any government funding for this phony science. It is clearly a work of evil that so much emphasis has been placed on embryonic stems cells when all of the success has been with adult stem cells. When scientists are honest, they admit that any anticipated breakthroughs from embryonic stem cell research are unlikely and certainly many years down the road. In the meantime, adult stem cells are already making a difference.

It is unfortunate that in August 2001, the President even allowed funding for the existing lines of embryonic stem cells. Back then he had the opportunity to really make a pro-life decision, but instead he made a very political one which allowed for taxpayer money to continue to support this immoral work. By continuing the funding support, he, in part, gave credence to the research. However, it is good to see that he has threatened to veto this bill if it passes both chambers.

It is unclear whether the legislation will pass or not, or if it does pass, would it pass with a veto-proof majority. Urge your member of congress to oppose HB 810 which is anticipated to come to the floor for a vote next week.

Additional Information:

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