Sunday, May 15, 2005

It has been some time since I have added an entry to this site. I think that I have returned to add a few ideas on a more regular basis. I modified the overall look, and I will continue to update the template. More importantly I am trying to make a commitment to write a few sentences each day.

Much has happened since June of last year when I stopped writing (although I added a couple of entries related to Ms. Terri Schiavo's murder since last June). In my own life, our daughter was born, and she is now eight months old. She is truly the joy of our life, as well as providing us with plenty of activity.

Of course, also during this time, John Paul II passed away. This was truly a very sad time for me. Although my life includes the pontificates of his previous two predecessors, John Paul II was "my pope". God used him in a very significant way to help draw me into the Catholic Church. The impact that his writings especially Crossing the Threshold of Hope had upon the early stirrings in my heart to enter the Church cannot be overestimated. I always knew that I could trust him implicitly. He was a faithful shepherd of Christ's flock. And truly as eventually will be formally declared he is the saint John Paul the Great.

Now we have the happy election of Benedict XVI. What a joy that we have such a truly humble man to follow the greatest pope in centuries. He will do many great things, and we should pray that he too will be considered great.

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