Wednesday, June 22, 2005
What is inside the Catholic Insider?  

If you have not heard of the podcasting priest from the Netherlands, than you need to check out the Catholic Insider. Fr. Roderick Vonhoegen is a Catholic priest from the Archdiocese of Utrecht who provides podcasts to over 2000 subscribers.

The episodes are always entertaining mixes of faith, Church and local history, real life situations, contemporary music (from, and his exploration of various topics of interest including movies. He presents "soundseeing" tours in which he is the tour guide who describes what he is observing in order that you are able to share in the experience. He also seems to get around quite a bit. He was in Rome for the death of John Paul the Great, and he was also in the Eternal City for the election and installation of Benedict XVI. Once again, this week he is back in Rome where he visited the burial site of the only Dutch pope, Hadrian VI, and he will attend the Holy Father's Wednesday audience.

The shows are of a wonderful quality which shows that Fr. Roderick puts in quite a bit of post-production work. With the frequency of his podcasts and his maintaing his web site along with all of his official priestly duties, I do not know if he has time to sleep.

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