Friday, July 01, 2005
Amazing Conversion Story of Chinese Communist  

As reported in Zenit:
My name is Bao Yuanjin and I'm a priest in China's north. I entered the priesthood several years ago. I was baptized only 11 years ago. Before that, I was an atheist, and indeed an activist in China's Communist Party.

At university, I was the leader of the young Communists at my faculty. In my heart, I had many plans and ideas for the future, but none of these had anything to do with God who, for me, did not even exist.

As for my family, only my grandmother was a Protestant. When I was a child, I heard her once speak about Jesus: She said that Jesus was the son of God. But I was not interested in any religion. Education in atheism is mandatory in China from elementary school to university.

My mind was full of atheist theories and I thought that believing in God was something childish, perhaps something even a bit stupid.
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It is always encouraging to hear a conversion story, but this, of course, is very special because it puts our lives in perspective. We do a lot of grousing about our lives and problems in the Church, but for the most part, we enjoy incredible religious freedom. Here is a man who lives in a country that does not grant many religious freedoms. For him and his countrymen, converting is a dangerous prospect. This gives me pause to consider how strong my relationship with Christ is. Would I be able to continue on despite all of the obstacles and dangers?

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