Thursday, August 04, 2005
Never Give Up  

The recently redesigned BlogsforTerri reports on a young man who emerged from a diagnosed "persistent vegetative state". The quality of his life is such that
Renzo Viscardi, 21, plays a guitar, writes poetry, attends classes at a community college, and works part-time.

And it looks like he will soon be achieving his goal of living independently in a home -- which he will own.

Not bad for a fellow who seven years ago was diagnosed by doctors as being in a "persistent vegetative state", with no brain activity.

This young man's life is a tremendous testimony to the sanctity of life. The story also points to the fact that one should be very careful about simply accepting an unfavorable diagnosis. I can only imagine the struggles that his parents must have had to get him assistance. Thank God they persevered for him, and also for us.

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