Wednesday, August 31, 2005
No education needed for lying  

As you know, earlier this year the estranged husband of Terri Schiavo, Michael Schiavo, with the assistance of numerous people in various branches of state and federal government, was able to put Terri Schiavo to death by denying her food and water until she dehydrated to death. Of course, one would expect that as time went along, more and more details would surface to add to the already long list of serious problems that exist with this case.

Recently, it has been found that it appears that on his application form for guardianship, Michael Schiavo lied about his education. He indicated he had received an associates degree from Bucks County Community College, although the school has indicated that he did receive enough credits to earn the degree. In addition, his application indicated that he graduated from a one-year program at McDonald's Corporate School. According to the Empire Journal, this does not appear to be a program that exists as part of McDonald's management education program.

In addition, when his guardianship was being challenged, he lied in his 1993 testimony given in a deposition.
On his employment application filed with Pinellas County Sheriff's Department in July 2004, when he applied for the position of jail nurse when Everett Rice was still sheriff, Schiavo said under penalties of perjury that he had attended the college from August, 1992 to August, 1993 and obtained his EMT certificate in 1993.

According to the college's director of Institutional Advancement, Michael Schiavo was not awarded any college credit certificates and thus did not "graduate from EMT school" as he testified under oath. There is no "EMT School" at St. Petersburg. Source
Of course, it is perjury if he gave false information on the guardianship application and in the deposition. Being found guilty of perjury should have prevented him from remaining Terri Schiavo's guardian. Tragically, it did not. Neither has it prevented him from being awarded the Guardian of the Year award by the Florida State Guardianship Association.

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