Wednesday, August 10, 2005
Awarding the Guilty  

In an absolutely amazing bit of irony, Michael Schiavo has been given the award of Guardian of the Year by the Florida State Guardianship Association. He is being celebrated for sticking by his ward despite the pressure to do otherwise. The problem is that his sticking by Ms. Terri Schiavo resulted in her slowly and painfully dying due to dehydration at his insistence. However, in order that no grossly inhumane and cruel action go unrewarded, not to mention celebrated, Michael Schiavo was presented with this award for his "embod[ying] professionalism and compassion".
In a rare public appearance, Schiavo, 42, modestly accepted the award at the association's 18th annual conference at the Doral Golf Resort & Spa west of Miami.

"As you know," he said, "I'm not much of a speechmaker. I don't talk much. But on behalf of my wife Theresa, I thank you."

Association members, most of whom are appointed by judges to represent people who have been declared incapacitated, acknowledged Schiavo was a controversial choice and they anticipate a backlash.

But, group members said, Michael Schiavo's unwavering commitment to honoring his wife's wishes in the face of public scrutiny and enmity embodied the professionalism and compassion with which court-appointed guardians quietly carry out their duties every day.

"We see a lot of situations where family steps away," said association president-elect Michelle Kenney, a care manager and professional guardian in Broward County.

"He stuck by. He didn't walk away."

News of the award brought the same swift reaction - surprise - from both sides of the right-to-die case that divided a family and a nation, but for wildly divergent reasons.

"Yikes! That took a lot of courage," said Bill Allen, director of the bioethics program at the University of Florida.

"It would have been easier for them to whisper, 'Atta boy!' privately and not take such a public stand."

"Oh, my God, that's offensive," said Brother Paul O'Donnell, a Franciscan friar who serves as the Schindler family spokesman.

"Michael Schiavo... basically let her rot."

As wellwishers lined up Friday night to congratulate Schiavo, he said the diamond-cut crystal award was the first public recognition of his actions, and he was deeply gratified by what it represented.

"These people are part of the silent majority," he said. "When Terri's wish was finally carried out, I had thousands and thousands of letters saying, 'We are with you. We believe in you. You did the right thing.' Thousands."

Very disgusting, and yes, very scary, too.

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Thanks for the link.

I read this more as gloating to the pro-lifers...

"We won, you lose.... neener neener neener."

By Anonymous John Bambenek, at August 10, 2005 10:23 AM  

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