Saturday, August 06, 2005
The Executioner's Consoling Words  

On August 5th, ten days after she stopped receiving nutrition and hydration by order of her legal guardian, Maria Korp has died. She is the Australian woman who was attacked by her husbands' lover and left to die in the trunk of her car last February. Her injuries left her severely impaired. Ten days ago, in the judgment of her legal guardian, Mr. Julian Gardner, it was time for her to die. Accordingly, similar to Ms. Terri Schiavo, the basics of care--food and water--were denied her in order that she would be forced to die due to dehydration.

Mr. Gardner had this to say,
This is a very sad time, and I think it's a time when the family and friends of Mrs Korp are grieving, understandably, and I'm simply trying here to do the best that I can to assist in that process so that they can be respected and have some privacy.

It always an evil irony that the person who has committed the crime comes out to show how he is really just trying to be helpful. It is obvious that if Mr. Gardner had not ordered Ms. Korp's death, there would be no grieving taking place for which he is attempting to assist.

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