Tuesday, September 20, 2005
Maybe it was just a bad connection  

Based on part of an actual telephone conversation that took place just a few days after Hurricane Katrina ripped through the Gulf Coast. Both people call themselves Christians.

A. Can you believe what is going on in New Orleans?

B. No. It is unbelievable.

A. Those people. Wow. It is really hard to imagine.

B. Yeah. It is too bad this was not dealt with correctly from the start.

A. I know. What were they thinking?

B. Well, it is not too late now.

A. Oh no. They have to do something right now. They can just let this go on.

B. Yes. Well all it takes is for the governor or someone like that to give the order.

A. The governor?

B. Sure. She could just tell them to shoot on sight.

A. Shoot on sight?

B. How else are you going to deal with it. If they see someone who might just be causing problems, just shoot first, ask questions later.

A. Oh. I was thinking about all of those people without food or water.

B. Them? They had it coming to them. You know it's the "Big Easy".

A. Well, yeah it is called that...but no food and water for days. The kids, the sick, the elderly. It's just crazy down there. It is really hard to see those pictures. I keep thinking what if that were me?

B. It certainly wouldn't be me. They just didn't get ready. They are all, you know, lazy, and you know, too relaxed. As I said, it is the Big Easy down there for a reason. I mean I would have been all over this.

A. You are kidding, right?

B. About what?

A. What you just said.

B. No. Did I sound like I was kidding?

A. Well, no...but...Hey, I probably need to go.

B. OK. Talk to you later.

A. Bye.

B. Bye.

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