Monday, October 10, 2005
For Those Who Have Ears to Hear  

In case you are wondering if God is still active in the world today, consider the story of Salvatore Crisafulli who is 38-year-old Italian man who recently came out of a two-year coma. Although some doctors had given up hope for the father of four children, the story of his beginning to speak again was made known on the very same day that an Italian bioethics committee was voting on whether food and water should be administered to patients who are considered to be in a persistent vegetative state. The committee decided that such food and water is not a medical treatment, and it should not be denied patients simply because of their lack of consciousness.

Two years ago, Mr. Crisafulli was involved in an accident that left him in a coma. His brother Pietro Crisafulli oversaw his care for the past two years. Despite a negative prognosis offered for his brother, he cared for his brother without help for over a year. Earlier this year, he was able to get his brother admitted to a hospital where doctors began to believe that Mr. Crisafulli might actually be conscious although he was in a coma. Indeed, after he began to speak, Mr. Crisafulli indicated that he heard and understood everything that had happened around him over the past two years. Mr. Crisafulli came out of his coma about three months ago, and he recently began to speak with his first word, as his mother noted, being "Mamma".

The event is being hailed as a miracle, which of course it is:
"My brother speaks and remembers. I don't expect that he will be the way he was, but it is already a miracle," Pietro [Crisafulli] was quoted as saying. "And to think that some doctors said that it was all useless, and he would be dead in three or four months." Source

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