Sunday, December 18, 2005

This blog has entered into a state of hibernation. I do not know how long the slumber will last, but similar to the hibernation of some animals there will probably be an occasional awakening from sleep in order to post an entry or two.

Although the blog is in hibernation, I am not. Actually, quite the contrary. And that is probably the biggest reason that the blog is in hibernation. How often have we asked somebody to do something and the response has been that the something could not be done because the person is busy? On its face, it is really a very poor excuse. The real reason that underlies the "busy" excuse is that the person will not do something because the person does not consider it a priority. That is my reason for infrequent posting. As much as I enjoy writing posts, there are a number of other things in my life which are a much higher priority than this blog. For now, I need to devote more of my time in these areas, and I am not left with enough time to post. Perhaps the new year will see an increase in the amount of time available for the blog. Right now, however, I could use some sleep...

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