Sunday, April 30, 2006
Update on Andrea Clark: No Transfer to Illinois  

Both Blogs for Terri and Wesley Smith are reporting that the plan to move Andrea Clark from St. Luke's Hospital in Houston, TX to a facility in Illinois has been cancelled. Apparently, the Illinois facility would not be able to provide the level of care that Ms. Clark needs.

The problem with this is that the Houston hospital now has the legal right to stop providing Ms. Clark care as of today, April 30th. Despite some assurances given, perhaps only given verbally, it is not clear whether the hospital will permit Ms. Clark to continue to receive care until a suitable facility may be found for her. Ms. Clark's sister is naturally trying via an attorney to get a written assurance that the hospital will not stop her sister's care over the weekend and perhaps even until Tuesday.
She said that they told her that they won't do it over the weekend. However, they have the right to disconnect Andrea, according to the law, on Sunday, April 30, unless they agree to do otherwise in writing. This means that, at any moment, on Sunday, or afterwards, they can go up to Andrea's room and turn off her respirator, without notifying anyone of this decision, without her family by her side as she dies, without allowing anyone to say goodbye.
Ms. Clark, her family, and supporters on the ground need our prayers and action. Click here for information on who to contact.

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