Thursday, June 01, 2006
June Prayer Intentions  


General - That Christian families may lovingly welcome every child who comes into existence and surround the sick and the aged with affection.
[M]arriage and the family are rooted in the innermost core of the truth about man and his destiny. Sacred Scripture reveals that the vocation to love is part of that authentic image of God that the Creator willed to imprint in his creature, calling man to become similar to him precisely in the measure in which man is open to love. The sexual difference entailed in the body of man and woman is not, therefore, a simple biological fact, but bears a much more profound meaning: It expresses that way of love with which man and woman become only one flesh; they can realize an authentic communion of persons open to the transmission of life and cooperate in this way with God in the procreation of new human beings. (Benedict XVI in an address to the John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and the Family)
Missionary - That the Pastors and the Christian faithful may consider inter-religious dialogue and the work of the inculturation of the Gospel as a daily service to promote the cause of the evangelization of peoples.
In carrying out his ministry, the new Pope knows that his task is to make Christ's light shine out before the men and women of today: not his own light, but Christ's. Aware of this I address everyone, including the followers of other religions or those who are simply seeking an answer to the fundamental questions of life and have not yet found it. I address all with simplicity and affection, to assure them that the Church wants to continue to weave an open and sincere dialogue with them, in the search for the true good of the human being and of society. I ask God for unity and peace for the human family, and declare the willingness of all Catholics to cooperate for an authentic social development, respectful of the dignity of every human being. I will make every conscientious effort to continue the promising dialogue initiated by my Venerable Predecessors with the different civilizations, so that mutual understanding may create the conditions for a better future for all. (Benedict XVI in his first address to the College of Cardinals)

For fathers who are trying to save their unborn children from abortion.

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