Sunday, April 04, 2004
Having a Personal Relationship with Jesus in the Confessional  

I think it is very appropriate that the Papal Household preacher, Capuchin Father Raniero Cantalamessa, focused his last Lenten reflection on the believer's personal encounter with Christ in the confessional. This beautiful sacrament which is our preparation for the sacrament of sacraments seems not only to be neglected, it seems to have almost been forgotten. The pope recently noted the tremendous value of frequent confession. He underscored the absolute necessity of this rite to fulfill one's calling:

"It produces a real 'spiritual resurrection,' a restitution of the dignity and goods of the life of the children of God, the most precious of which is friendship with God."

"It would be illusory to seek holiness, according to the vocation that each one has received from God, without going frequently and fervently to this sacrament of conversion and sanctification," the Pope said.

In his comments, Father Raniero Cantalamessa, touched on how we often view this sacrament simply "as a rite, a habit or a canonical obligation". Instead, echoing the Holy Father's words, he commented that we should view this rite "as a personal encounter with the Risen One who allows us, as he did Thomas, to touch his wounds, to feel in ourselves the healing force of his blood and taste the joy of being saved".

This is the joy of salvation. Our joy is not that we have sinned, but that is not a problem because our sins do not matter to our Lord. No, we have sinned. Our sins do matter to God. But he wants to personally absolve us of our sins and raise us up as His son or daughter after we have lowered ourselves by the ugliness of our sins against Him.

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