Saturday, May 28, 2005
Free Catholic News from Zenit  

The following is a commercial, but there is nothing to buy--the service is free and it is well worth it.

Do you subscribe to Zenit News? If not, you should consider signing up for a free subscription. Every day, Zenit News provides an email that is filled with interesting articles about news that is related to or about the Catholic Church. The news stories range from news generated by our Holy Father Benedict XVI, including a summary of his Wednesday Audiences and Sunday Angelus, to interviews with theologians and prelates about matters of the faith and the integration of faith and daily living.

If this sounds like a testimonial, I suppose it is, because I have really appreciated the information which Zenit provides. I have subscribed for some time, but I was struck the other day when reading one of the daily emails with just how much interesting and, yes, useful information was included in the one daily dispatch. I often find that the email spurs me to pray (and act) in order to respond to various situations around the world like the recent report on Palestinian Arab Christians, who are living in the Holy Land.

If interested, click here to sign up for a free subscription.

If you are already a subscriber, consider providing a donation to help Zenit keep providing their news service. You can click here to give via check or credit card.

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