Wednesday, June 01, 2005
A Year Later: Some Positive Change in My Diocese  

According to the Richmond Times Dispatch, during the year since his installation as the 12th bishop of the Diocese of Richmond (my diocese), the Most Rev. Francis X. DiLorenzo, has initiated some positive changes:

1) Re-established the diocese's liturgical commission to among other things investigate parishioners' complaints of liturgical abuse.
2) Appointed a diocesan theologian who is charged with approving parish requests for outside speakers.
3) Removed the sexual-minorities commission.
4) Increased the number of clustered parishes (one priest for two parishes).
5) Hired auditors to assist parishes and schools in checking the financial books.
6) Moved his residence from across the street from the cathedral to a suburb of Richmond some 25 minutes away. The three-story house is now used for diocesan offices which meant a $35,000/year rental of offices could be saved.

These are all very good changes. However, as one person in the news article indicates, I would like to see more rapid changes which rollback the damage done during his predecessor's 29 years and which encourage an active, orthodox faith in the diocese.

As a convert, I am somewhat ignorant of how a diocese is run, but I do know that my bishop is called to be a shepherd who leads his flock to Christ through His Church. He will be judged by our Lord on how he served. Exactly how he implements reforms and renewal is not as important. My calling is to pray for him and to support the orthodox practice of the Faith. On that I will be judged.

Hat tip to Michael Dubriel.

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