Sunday, October 16, 2005
Meme: Getting to Know Me  

In the realm of blogs there is a thing called a meme which seems a bit like a chain letter, which by the way, I believe were banned. The difference, however, seems to be that there is no obligation or at least no curses associated with not passing the meme on to someone else. The basic idea is that you get "tagged" by another blog, and you are urged to answer some questions related to the meme. Well, I was tagged by Catholic Fire. The following are my answers to at least some of the questions:

Getting to know me...

Five things I plan to do before I die:

1. Write more.
2. Play the piano again.
3. Spend more time examining my life.
4. Learn how to fly fish.
5. Pay off all my debts.

Five things I can do:

1. Web and computer programming.
2. Study (School work.)
3. Speak in public.
4. Play soccer (football).
5. Work with numbers.

Five things I cannot do:

1. Swim (at least not very well).
2. Tell a funny story.
3. Be punctual.
4. Keep things clean.
5. Remember faces.

Five things that attract me to the opposite sex:

1. Authenticity.
2. Kindness.
3. Desire to live a good life.
4. Ability to discern the truth.
5. Has a relationship with God.

(All characteristics which my wife possesses.)

Five things I say most often:

1. Right.
2. OK.
3. Are you sure ...?
4. No.
5. I am not sure.

(I suppose there should be a five things, I should say more often.)

Five Celebrity Crushes:

Not really something I would think about nor do I think that I have any.

Five People to whom I am passing on this meme:

1. David's Daily Diversions
2. Danielle Bean
3. Caelum et Terra
4. St. Joseph's Vanguard
5. Doxology

I am not sure how I am supposed to "tag" the next people. For now I will just include the URL. However, if someone knows if this is to be more formal, please let me know. Also, for those who are "tagged", I am in no way obligating you. I understand if you have no plans to pass along the meme. (In my case, I felt obligated to do so for other reasons.) For anyone else, this is an opportunity to check out some blogs by other folks.

Update on 18 October 2005 I have received three responses to my attempts to pass on the meme. Rebecca of Doxology kindly pointed out that she had already been tagged. Dave at David's Daily Diversions obliged, as did Devin at St. Joseph's Vanguard. To those who were tagged, I want to say thanks for the taking up the meme. For others, if you click on the links in this paragraph, you can view their responses.

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I love doing these things - I was tagged a little while back by alicia at fructis ventris - my answers are here.

Thanks for thinking of me!

By Blogger Rebecca, at October 17, 2005 12:58 AM  

I've always wanted to do one of these things, even if it took me way longer than I expected.

Thanks for tagging me, and the answers are posted.

By Anonymous Dave, at October 17, 2005 9:25 PM  

I also thank you for tagging me, David! That was really cool of you. I posted my answers as well, though I am too lazy to hand code up a http tag for it.

By Blogger Devin Rose, at October 17, 2005 10:40 PM  

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