Saturday, December 06, 2014
What did St. Nicholas leave for you?  

There are a number of traditions surrounding St. Nicholas Day including the tradition of children leaving out their shoes the night before his feast day on December 6th in order that St. Nicholas has a place to leave presents and treats. We have had fun with that tradition for many years with LG. There is a similarity to the tradition of putting out your stockings by the fireplace on Christmas Eve. And both traditions are often traced back to the real St. Nicholas who was a Fourth Century bishop.

The shoes tradition has a couple of nice ideas associated with it. First, it gives us the opportunity to remember that saints are real people who really lived and our still a part of our reality. We can talk with them and ask them for help. And they help us in many ways which we will only better understand God willing in the next life. Second, the tradition of gifts from St. Nicholas is based in the generosity he displayed in his life. The legacy of St. Nicholas' generosity which we know of through the stories we have of his life remind us that generosity is fun as well as a way for us to live a fully human life. By celebrating this fun tradition, we have had the opportunity of integrating these ideas into our Advent preparation and celebration.

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