Thursday, June 02, 2005
Breakthrough in potential for adult stem cells  

For those who might have missed it (and I believe there were a number of us), an important story on adult stem cell research was quietly reported over two months ago. Unfortunately, the culture of death is more interested in perpetuating itself than in actually helping people. Thus, the apparent lack of fanfare for yet another example of the research on adult stem cells which is leading to real treatments that help people.
Potential seen in adult stem cells - Mar 21, 2005

Australian scientists have found that stem cells taken from adults could have the same life-saving potential as those taken from embryos, a discovery that could potentially end the contentious debate over embryonic research.

The results from the four-year project, at Australia's Griffith University in Queensland, show that adult stem cells harvested from the nose can be grown into virtually any kind of cell in the human body.

"Their other big advantage over embryonic stem cells is their potential for autologous therapies in which a patient's own cells are removed from the nose, grown and multiplied in a dish and transplanted back into the same patient which overcomes the issue of immune rejection or related immune-suppressing drug therapies," he said.

The Catholic Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal George Pell, told The Australian newspaper that the research could provide a possible solution to the moral debate over embryonic research and said he would refer it to the Vatican.

The Catholic Church provided Aust. $50,000 ($39,000) in funding for the Griffith University project.

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The article demonstrates the bias toward embryonic stem cells, as the opening paragraph slips in the line, "same life-saving potential as those taken from embryos". There is of course the potential for embryonic stem cells to do amazing things, but as of now, it is only theoretical. However, the list of actual benefits of adult stem cells continues to grow.

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