Friday, June 03, 2005
Catholic Insider  

If you are not familiar with podcasting then you probably have not heard about the Catholic Insider. First, things first. For those who do not know what podcasting is, according to Wikipedia:
Podcasting is a way of publishing sound files to the Internet, allowing users to subscribe to a feed and receive new audio files automatically. Podcasting is distinct from other types of audio content delivery because it uses the RSS 2.0 file format. This technique has enabled many producers to create self-published, syndicated radio shows.

Users subscribe to podcasts using "podcatching" software (also called "aggregator" software) which periodically checks for and downloads new content. It can then sync the content to the user's portable music player, hence the portmanteau of Apple's "iPod" and "broadcasting". Podcasting does not require an iPod; any digital audio player or computer with the appropriate software can play podcasts.

Now that it is clear what podcasting is, what is the Catholic Insider? It is a podcast by Fr. Roderick Vonhaegen who is a Dutch priest of the Archdiocese of Utrecht, Netherlands. Although he hails from the Netherlands, he gets around. His most interesting podcasts wererecordedd during the time of the death of John Paul the Great, the Conclave, and the installation of Pope Benedict XVI. Not that his other podcasts which are not live from the Vatican City are not interesting, but it is tremendous experience to hear him share his observations while standing in St. Peter's Square as he cheers with the rest of the faithful when the "Habemus Papam" is announced.

In his podcasts, Fr. Roderick shares the Faith through this medium in a way that is winsome and beautifully sincere. On several podcasts, you can hear him huffing and puffing while the wheels of his bike turn as he describes the scenery while taking you along to another soundseeing tour. Perhaps Fr. Roderick is about to take you on a tour of a church with a distinctive history or maybe he lets you share an Easter celebration, including an Easter egg hunt for his nephew, with his family. He weaves the everyday items of life, including Dutch customs and practices, together with information on the Faith through history, practice, Tradition, and Magisterial teaching. Also, his podcasts often feature contemporary and classical music which helps to set the theme of the podcast.

In addition, to his podcast, Fr. Roderick has recently added the morning and evening prayers of the Divine Office. Like the podcasts, these can be received via a subscription which you access through a news aggregator. Or the files can be directly downloaded from his Web site. Either way, it is nice feature which can be added to your devotions through this new medium of podcasting. For more information, on the morning and evening prayer, click here.

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