Saturday, November 18, 2006
Moving Fast  

Thanks be to God. For so many reasons. We are fast approaching moving day. The old house has been rented, and the renter will come in on the 27th of this month. That means it is time to get into the new house. Fortunately, we have been moving things into the new house since we bought it back in July. There are a number of items left to go, but probably about eighty percent is already there. However, there is much to be done to ready the old house so we will be very busy over these next several days as we go from one house to the other and clean up the old one in anticipation of its new occupant. Thank you for your prayers for a renter. It certainly was not my timing, but I trust it is His and that will always be the best.

As it has been some time since my last post (Five months is considered a long time in the information age), I will see what I can do to increase the frequency of posts. Perhaps, once we are in the new house with DSL, I will be motivated to post more often. Believe or not, I have never had anything faster than dial-up at the old home. It will be nice to have a faster connection when that gets set up at the new home.

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